Safety Mats / Bumpers

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3D vision safety system

Based on stereo vision

3DSS is SIL3 stereo vision system, certified for safety-critical applications.
It complies with the essential safety requirements in order to be used
as a safety control system for detecting people for protection on automatic machines.
The system uses cameras installed onboard of specific supports and can be composed of one single turret or a couple of turrets facing each other, in a modular configuration.

The device is able to detect the presence of people or objects (up to 2) within the monitoring area.

Overall area monitoring

The overall area monitoring allows to detect objects in the area close to the turret, where the stereo vision is affected by intrinsic limitation, due to the closeness of the cameras. This feature signals the presence of an object or subject on the area, but does not identify its position. The intrusion in this area is signaled by an appropriate and distinct pair or relays.

Custom static and dinamic areas

The monitored surface can be divided into a max. number of 3 fixed areas on the ground, called static areas, plus a mobile area around the tool holder head, the dynamic area. Alternatively, the surface can be divided into 2 static areas plus 2 dynamic areas around the tool holder head. The size and type (fixed or mobile) of the areas are defined only once when the system is set up.

Operator position control

The system can track objects that enter and leave the virtual mat. Its tracking algorithm focuses on monitoring the presence of the operator on the virtual mat.
If a person enters the monitored area and subsequently exits the virtual mat – walking through a forbidden path like the side area of the cameras or, even worse, the tool machine side – a dedicated pair of relays are activated.