Safety Mats / Bumpers

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Safety Edges

Pressure-sensitive (sensing) safety edges

Small overall dimensions same performance

The operation of a pressure-sensitive (sensing) safety edge is similar to that of a switch.

It is made up of an elastic deformation outer casing and by an internal element made up of two conductive parts.


The pressure exerted on the outer casing causes the contact of the two conductive elements.

The generated signal, detected and processed by an electronic control unit,

determines the blocking of the moving components or the activation of an alarm signal.


Potential applications of pressure-sensitive (sensing) safety edge include:

  • door and/or window leafs;
  • gate leafs;
  • guillotine and/or tilting shutters;
  • driveways;
  • hand guards.

Naturally standardcompliant

Our pressure-sensitive (sensing) safety edges are manufactured in compliance with the technical specifications

provided for meeting the safety and health needs and it is a passive component.

Thus, in order to perform the safety function for which it is designated, it requires a control apparatus of appropriate class.