Safety Mats / Bumpers

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Safety bumpers

Pressure-sensitive (sensing) safety bumpers

Impact-proof flexibility

A pressure-sensitive (sensing) safety bumper is a safety switch

which takes the shape of a PVC coated expanded resin cushion.

  • WIDE Automation bumpers were awarded the “impact-proof certificate”, in compliance with the technical specifications applied to meet the safety and health needs.

The mechanical stress, detected by a special electronic opto-isolated device,

is converted into a signal for blocking the movement of:

  • mechanical parts or moving components;
  • surfaces of self-propelling means;
  • electrically hazardous areas;
  • gate or door leafs.

Naturally standard-compliant

Our pressure-sensitive (sensing) safety bumpers are manufactured in compliance with the technical specifications

provided for meeting the safety and health needs and it is a passive component.

Thus, in order to perform the safety function for which it is designated,

it requires a control apparatus of appropriate class.