Classic Machine Safety Fences with frame


Great Versatility

The best-selling framed Machine Safety Fences.

BASIC and STRONG are EN ISO 14120-compliant Machine Safety Fences that are extremely versatile. Available with two assembly options – Captive Nuts and Bolts (for impacts up to 1608 J) and Quick Clamp (to reduce assembly time)- as well as two baseplates options for a great range of applications.


BASIC and STRONG are Machine Safety Fencing Systems for any machinery layout and can be complemented with a wide range of accessories and doors.


The modular design, ergonomics, assembly and compatibility with doors and accessories make BASIC and STRONG proper Systems for most industries.


BASIC and STRONG Machine Safety Fences are designed and manufactured in compliance with EN ISO 14120 and meet Risk Assessment safety requirements.

BASIC and STRONG Machine Safety Fences

Key technical features of Systems

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