Frameless Perimeter Safety Guards


Ready for all eventualities

The adaptable frameless Perimeter Safety Guard.

AdaptaGuard is a robust, easy-to-assemble frameless Perimeter Safety Guard System that allows to adapt panel shapes and size directly on-site, thus saving plenty of time in the event of unforeseen circumstances. The lightweight, yet resistant design makes AdaptaGuard suitable to protect areas with high risks of impact.


AdaptaGuard Perimeter Safety Guards are easy to install and can be easily adaptable on-site to fit any machinery need.


The 4 mm wire mesh, reinforcing ribs and 50 mm square baseplate posts make AdaptaGuard lightweight yet resistant.


AdaptaGuard is designed and manufactured in compliance with EN ISO 14120 and meets Risk Assessment safety requirements.

AdaptaGuard Perimeter Safety Guard

Key technical features of System

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