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Scopri le nostre cassette e i nostri sistemi pensili di sospensione

sistemi pensili di sospensione, interruttori magnetici di sicurezza, interruttori magnetici di sicurezza padova, interruttori magnetici di sicurezza vicenza, interruttori magnetici di sicurezza verona, interruttori magnetici di sicurezza treviso, interruttori magnetici di sicurezza udine

Safety Bumpers for outdoor agricultural use | TSA

Following various requests from manufacturers of machinery for the fruit and vegetable sector, we have developed a safety bumper, with a high degree of protection, suitable for outdoor agricultural use (IP65).

Its PVC coating is highly resistant to wear, atmospheric agents and temperature changes and therefore makes it ideal for applications on agricultural machinery and earthmoving machinery.

Safety bumpers are ideal for the protection of operators operating in the agricultural sector, they are safety systems that react to any pressure by stopping the movement of moving parts which, in some conditions, could constitute a danger.

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Safety bumpers
Safety bumpers



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Non trascurare le tue macchine utensili, proteggile attraverso coperture telescopiche, soffietti o coperture a rullo

Coperture telescopiche, coperture a rullo, soffietti, soffietti per macchine utensili udine, componenti sicurezza, componenti sicurezza udine, componenti sicurezza vicenza, componenti sicurezza verona, componenti sicurezza treviso

The chip evacuating conveyors are machines used for handling and evacuating chips or for the transport of processing waste produced by machine tools during their operation.

They are widely used in mechanical workshops or carpentries where chip removal or sheet metal cutting and punching are performed.

The chip conveyors are designed, built and tested according to the customer’s needs with the aim of achieving maximum functionality and reliability, they are made to measure and, depending on the needs, they can also be built in several demountable sections.

According to the types of processing and materials processed, we can propose different solutions:

The DRAGING-type chip evacuators and conveyors are used to convey and collect short and broken chips produced by mechanical processing of cast iron, steel and copper alloys. The shavings destined to be treated with this type of machines must be difficult to aggregate with each other so that coils greater than 80 mm in diameter cannot be formed. These evacuators are not suitable for shavings with characteristics of easy aggregation, such as those deriving from the processing of aluminum alloys or deriving from machining on steels that develop long chips that tend to form coils.

Chip evacuators and conveyors with shutter belt for the collection and transport of chips deriving from mechanical machining of cast iron, steel, copper and aluminum alloys. This type of application is able to guarantee the transport and conveying of all types of metal shavings, except for those deriving from grinding or finishing operations (which has a high degree of dustiness).

It is possible to produce MAGNETIC evacuators and conveyors for ferrous materials, such as small sheet metal moldings, parts produced by machining centers or automatic lathes, presses, etc.

Auger conveyors are an alternative to dredging conveyors and represent an excellent solution for processes that produce very chopped chips or where dust is present. Another advantage of this system is the possibility of making it very small and in the case of small spaces it can be an excellent solution. The chip advancement is obtained by rotating a spiral screw system obtained from a plate inside a tapered cradle. In particular conditions it is possible to prepare If there is the presence of abrasive materials it is possible to build the various components with wear-resistant materials.


Chip Conveyors



Sensitive Safety Edges
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Scopri le nostre cassette e i nostri sistemi pensili di sospensione

sistemi pensili di sospensione, interruttori magnetici di sicurezza, interruttori magnetici di sicurezza padova, interruttori magnetici di sicurezza vicenza, interruttori magnetici di sicurezza verona, interruttori magnetici di sicurezza treviso, interruttori magnetici di sicurezza udine

Sensitive safety edges for sliding doors | TSA

Sensitive safety edges for public transport:

Some of the most dangerous areas of public transport are sliding doors, it is important that vehicle manufacturers and automatic vehicle door manufacturers provide a safety system to ensure the safety of passengers in any situation.

Our sensitive safety edges play a central role in this matter by eliminating the risk of crushing.

They are ideal for the protection of fingers and limbs, the safety edge reacts to any pressure by stopping the closing movement of the door.

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Take a look at the new SATECH headquarters! | TSA

Protezioni perimetrali lavabili in acciaio inox padova, vicenza, verona, treviso, udine.

spostamento macchinari industriali, spostamento macchinari industriali padova, spostamento macchinari industriali vicenza, spostamento macchinari industriali verona, spostamento macchinari industriali treviso, spostamento macchinari industriali udine.Protezioni perimetrali lavabili in acciaio inox

The new operational headquarters of SATECH has a production area more than double compared to what was the historical headquarters, spread over 20,000 square meters, meeting the growth needs of the company but also of the new philosophy that has an eye on the environment.

In fact, over half of Satech’s energy needs will be covered by solar panels, while the heating uses renewable sources with systems that include a water recycling and cleaning system.

The investments made are not only productive, they are also “green”. Renewable energies are an integral part of the SATECH 2020 project. A configuration has been studied that aims at optimization to reduce waste and increase efficiency. An investment of over 15 million euros for the construction of the plant and the renewal of the machine park, but also the total redesign of the flows and processes in an Industry 4.0 key that make the SATECH of 2020 a modern smart-factory projected into the future.

Automation is the keystone of the new Satech plant: the machine park has been completely renovated with ten robots for welding and handling, five automatic and two semi-automatic machines.

It is a very impressive and complex project that brings numerous benefits to the territory, especially from the point of view of employment, the company had less than 80 people in 2017 which today have become about 140, hires have been made at all levels.

SATECH is a reality born in Merate in 2000, specializes in the design and construction of perimeter safety protections for industrial machinery and robotic islands, has three branches abroad (France, Germany and Japan), works with a network of distributors throughout the world, in 2014 it became part of the Troax group, world leader in the sector.




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Barriere fotoelettriche di sicurezza: un fattore importante per la sicurezza del personale

Barriere fotoelettriche di sicurezza, tappeti di sicurezza, tappeti di sicurezza padova, tappeti di sicurezza vicenza, tappeti di sicurezza verona, tappeti di sicurezza treviso, tappeti di sicurezza udine

Impact protection systems are devices designed and certified to make work areas safe for handling vehicles, goods and people. The protection solutions preserve the integrity of the floor because the impact energy is absorbed by the material that flexes and distributes it over the entire length of the protection.

These are guards designed to safeguard the safety of operators, machinery, assets and company structures and to protect them from shocks that could irreparably damage them, compromising the safety of workplaces and machinery.

The main applications for shock absorbing protections are the confinement of protected areas, to allow the protection of pedestrians and workers and the protection of shelves, structures, vehicles and machinery.

The adoption of these systems leads to savings on the costs of maintenance, repair and replacement of machinery and structures.

By avoiding downtime and production downtime, you get the maximum return on the company’s investments in machinery and infrastructure.

Choosing impact protection solutions means investing in a safe and efficient work environment, ensuring that vehicles and their loads remain on the predetermined path so as not to invade protected areas.

The deformable protections therefore allow to avoid accidents and damage to people or things.


Together with the deformable protections, our robust anti-breakage fixing systems, the chemical anchor and all the accessories necessary for installation are supplied.

Our technopolymer, thanks to its particular molecular density, distributes the absorbed energy over the entire length of the protection which flexes and returns to its original shape. The technical specifications make it last over time, even outdoors, it is scratchproof and 100% recyclable, it is easy to wash and self-extinguishing and the particular yellow pigmentation guarantees very high visibility. It is also a non-toxic material that resists aggressive chemicals such as oils and fuels. FUNCTIONAL DESIGN

The particular shape of the impact guards offers a large flat impact surface capable of locking forks and pallets. The arched structure is extremely robust and guarantees maximum resistance to impacts of various capacities.




Thanks to the special shape and density of the material, the deformable protections are more compact and can be installed close to the elements to be protected, leaving more space for passageways

Our protective solutions are perfectly modular and adaptable, the length of the barriers can be extended or shortened in both directions even after installation, the system guarantees a high level of customization, directly on site.

The installation of the protective solutions is quick and intuitive. Thanks to the negligible number of elements that compose them, just a few steps are enough to build a protection system suitable for every need. Also, the fixings are included.

THE IDEAL PRODUCTS FOR THE SAFETY OF HIGHLY AUTOMATED MACHINERY AND SYSTEMS Modular and flexible solutions are the ideal allies for the protection of machinery and equipment. Thanks to the high visibility, the protective barriers are perfect for managing vehicular traffic and for conveying personnel along safe walkways. A highly resistant and easy-to-maintain system for tailored protection. Ideal for logistics, production and automotive storage.

Flexible barriers define traffic passages and physically protect pedestrians and drivers in the event of an accident by repelling and deflecting impact forces.

Ideal in areas where vehicles are in motion and there is a high risk of collision.

Bumpers for the shelving uprights have been designed to protect the legs of the shelves from the front, sides and from the sliding of vehicles on the road.

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn about our range of products and to evaluate the possible applications toghether.



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TSA si occupa della vendita di numerosi tipi di sensori: alcuni componenti bdc, sensori di giri, sensori di velocità, sensori di prossimità, sensori di vibrazione

Componenti bdc,Sensori di giri, sensori di giri padova, sensori di velocità, sensori di vibrazione, sensori di prossimità, sensori di prossimità padova, sensori di prossimità vicenza, sensori di prossimità verona, sensori di prossimità treviso

Sensori di giri o di velocità BDC Electronic

Proximity sensors are devices that can detect the presence of objects within the sensitive area or read the distance between the sensor itself and an object to be detected.

BDC ELECTRONIC has a wide range of proximity sensors and can provide a wide choice of physical formats and electronic functions.

If the standard products do not meet the customer’s needs, it is possible to make sensors in plastic or metal by developing custom casings.

It is also possible to implement various functions among which there may be preset reading thresholds, a timer timer to delay switching, an integrated temperature sensor, an accelerometer, non-polarization of the pins, it is also possible to create special wiring and connectors











Multi voltage linear output power supply in direct or alternating current

Switching frequency detection



self-learning of the threshold




• Implementation of special functions inside the sensor

• Custom developed shapes, dimensions and wiring

• Compliance with specific sector regulations




Sensori di giri o sensori di velocità


BDC ELECTRONIC is able to offer the widest range of inductive, capacitive and magnetic sensors. Our technical office also offers the possibility of developing custom sensors based on the specific needs of the customer.




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Barriere fotoelettriche di sicurezza: un fattore importante per la sicurezza del personale

Barriere fotoelettriche di sicurezza, tappeti di sicurezza, tappeti di sicurezza padova, tappeti di sicurezza vicenza, tappeti di sicurezza verona, tappeti di sicurezza treviso, tappeti di sicurezza udine

Staff safety is an increasingly important factor in automated processes. Whenever the machines perform hazardous movements, the health and safety regulations must be respected. Any cuts, crushing or impact injuries must be prevented even during temporary operator distractions.

Safety light curtains are a simple and cost-effective way to secure hazardous areas. Together with the safety control unit, the photoelectric sensors create a photoelectric protective device.

TSA offers a complete range of safety light curtains capable of reducing the most common risks associated with machinery and equipment. Together with the safety control units, the safety photoelectric devices guarantee shutdown in the event of unauthorized access to a dangerous area.

Typical applications are the boundaries of accesses and the monitoring of dangerous areas on cells with robots and production lines. For use in the food and beverage industry, devices with watertight enclosures with a high degree of protection are available.

To determine the characteristics of a light curtain, Iso tables relating to safety distances are used. These tables allow you to establish the height of the barrier and the pitch of the rays, the closer we get to the dangerous area, the higher the height and the denser the pitch must be.

The useful heights available for category 2 or category 4 barriers are the following:

150, 300, 450, 600, 750, 900, 1050, 1200, 1350, 1500, 1650, 1800, 1950.

Resolution, protection beams:

14-20mm resolution for finger detection.

30-35 and 40mm resolution for hand detection.

50mm resolution for detecting the presence of the body in the area.



barriere fotoelettriche di sicurezza


For forty years TSA has offered a wide range of products for safety and industrial automation.

Our philosophy is to establish a lasting relationship with our customers aiming for their maximum satisfaction. We offer high quality products that make their creations reliable and competitive. We follow our customers from the initial stages of the project, studying the best solutions together, up to the delivery of the turnkey system.




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Roll-up covers for lathesThe roll-up covers for lathes are systems designed to protect the operator from the lead screw and the progress bars of the machines. 

They consist of a pair of rollers with pre-loaded spring winding and an anti-tear-anti-oil fabric. The main features of the roller guards are the simplicity of assembly and adaptability to any type of lathe combined with a minimum size.

These devices considerably reduce the risk originating from the handling of the nut screw and the bars of parallel lathes, as prescribed by the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC.

There are various models of roller guards, ready for delivery, to secure the majority of traditional parallel lathes.

It is also possible, if the standard solutions are not sufficient, to develop customized roller protections to adapt to every need.


Roll-up covers for lathesRoll-up covers for lathes


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The dynamic covers on the machine tools protect the guides and the ball screws and guarantee their reliability and durability.

A damaged cover can allow shavings and coolant liquids to pass through, which over time can damage the mechanisms of the machine and lead to irreparable damage in some cases.

Therefore, it is important to periodically check the status and function of these protections in order to ensure that they are able to effectively protect the most delicate mechanical parts.

We are able to perform the overhaul and repair of all telescopic covers by repairing or replacing damaged metal containers or replacing scrapers and sliding systems.

It is also possible to overhaul damaged roll-up (folding) roller covers by replacing the return mechanism, the roll-up cover or the protective box in order to refurbish the cover and ensure its durability.

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Barriere fotoelettriche di sicurezza: un fattore importante per la sicurezza del personale

Barriere fotoelettriche di sicurezza, tappeti di sicurezza, tappeti di sicurezza padova, tappeti di sicurezza vicenza, tappeti di sicurezza verona, tappeti di sicurezza treviso, tappeti di sicurezza udine

Industrial automation in recent years has helped make production much faster and more efficient, allowing us to improve the quantity and quality of products.

However, the use of machinery also comes with risks that are linked to the safety of the operators and are not always easy to eliminate.

In this specific case we face the risk of crushing.

rullo11The ROLL UP COVERS can be used to increase the safety level of an automatic machine. They are dynamic protections so they are flexible and can be adapted to various types of machines and processes.

An excellent example of a company using our rollers to increase the safety of their machinery is Errebi Automazioni from Nervesa della Battaglia.


The client produces machines for paper goods and used our rollers to prevent anything from going underneath the height-adjustable loading platform, thus eliminating the risk of crushing anything and without affecting the load/unload time.

In areas where there are lifting platforms or mobile floors, the roll-up rollers prevent the operators from entering areas where there is a risk of crushing. The unfolding of the roller is controlled by the movement of the machine while the folding is controlled by the return spring of the roller itself.

Our roll-up (or folding) rollers are all custom built, so it is possible to design them with a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes. We can satisfy all customer needs with a tailor-made product.

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn about our wide range of products and to evaluate possible applications together with our team.