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multi-zone mat
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multi-zone mat

Multi-zone mats for special applications | TSA

Applications in the industrial automation sector requires ever greater safety improvement, that’s why we have studied safety sensitive mats which,

in addition to guaranteeing maximum safety for the operators involved in any case,

give the possibility of having slowdown and of total stop zones.

Our multi-zone safety mats are produced entirely to design, studying with the customer the shapes, colors and sizes most suitable for the required application.

A sensitive safety mat is a safety sensor for controlling work areas, which reacts to the presence of one or more operators, detecting the pressure exerted on it.

It is made of self-extinguishing PVC and is configured as a primary element for monitoring access to potentially dangerous areas.

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multi-zone mat


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Scopri le nostre cassette e i nostri sistemi pensili di sospensione

sistemi pensili di sospensione, interruttori magnetici di sicurezza, interruttori magnetici di sicurezza padova, interruttori magnetici di sicurezza vicenza, interruttori magnetici di sicurezza verona, interruttori magnetici di sicurezza treviso, interruttori magnetici di sicurezza udine

Safety Bumpers for outdoor agricultural use | TSA

Following various requests from manufacturers of machinery for the fruit and vegetable sector, we have developed a safety bumper, with a high degree of protection, suitable for outdoor agricultural use (IP65).

Its PVC coating is highly resistant to wear, atmospheric agents and temperature changes and therefore makes it ideal for applications on agricultural machinery and earthmoving machinery.

Safety bumpers are ideal for the protection of operators operating in the agricultural sector, they are safety systems that react to any pressure by stopping the movement of moving parts which, in some conditions, could constitute a danger.

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Safety bumpers
Safety bumpers



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Take a look at the new SATECH headquarters! | TSA

Protezioni perimetrali lavabili in acciaio inox padova, vicenza, verona, treviso, udine.

spostamento macchinari industriali, spostamento macchinari industriali padova, spostamento macchinari industriali vicenza, spostamento macchinari industriali verona, spostamento macchinari industriali treviso, spostamento macchinari industriali udine.Protezioni perimetrali lavabili in acciaio inox

Take a look at the new SATECH headquarters! | TSA

The new operational headquarters of SATECH has a production area more than double compared to what was the historical headquarters,

spread over 20,000 square meters, meeting the growth needs of the company but also of the new philosophy that has an eye on the environment.

In fact, over half of Satech’s energy needs will be covered by solar panels,

while the heating uses renewable sources with systems that include a water recycling and cleaning system.

The investments made are not only productive, they are also “green”.

Renewable energies are an integral part of the SATECH 2020 project.

A configuration has been studied that aims at optimization to reduce waste and increase efficiency.

An investment of over 15 million euros for the construction of the plant and the renewal of the machine park,

but also the total redesign of the flows and processes in an Industry 4.0 key that make the SATECH of 2020 a modern smart-factory projected into the future.

Automation is the keystone of the new Satech plant:

the machine park has been completely renovated with ten robots for welding and handling, five automatic and two semi-automatic machines.

It is a very impressive and complex project that brings numerous benefits to the territory,

especially from the point of view of employment, the company had less than 80 people in 2017 which today have become about 140,

hires have been made at all levels.

SATECH is a reality born in Merate in 2000, specializes in the design and construction of perimeter safety protections for industrial machinery and robotic islands, has three branches abroad (France, Germany and Japan), works with a network of distributors throughout the world,

in 2014 it became part of the Troax group, world leader in the sector.




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Barriere fotoelettriche di sicurezza: un fattore importante per la sicurezza del personale

Barriere fotoelettriche di sicurezza, tappeti di sicurezza, tappeti di sicurezza padova, tappeti di sicurezza vicenza, tappeti di sicurezza verona, tappeti di sicurezza treviso, tappeti di sicurezza udine

Staff safety is an increasingly important factor in automated processes. Whenever the machines perform hazardous movements, the health and safety regulations must be respected. Any cuts, crushing or impact injuries must be prevented even during temporary operator distractions.

Safety light curtains are a simple and cost-effective way to secure hazardous areas. Together with the safety control unit, the photoelectric sensors create a photoelectric protective device.

TSA offers a complete range of safety light curtains capable of reducing the most common risks associated with machinery and equipment. Together with the safety control units, the safety photoelectric devices guarantee shutdown in the event of unauthorized access to a dangerous area.

Typical applications are the boundaries of accesses and the monitoring of dangerous areas on cells with robots and production lines. For use in the food and beverage industry, devices with watertight enclosures with a high degree of protection are available.

To determine the characteristics of a light curtain, Iso tables relating to safety distances are used. These tables allow you to establish the height of the barrier and the pitch of the rays, the closer we get to the dangerous area, the higher the height and the denser the pitch must be.

The useful heights available for category 2 or category 4 barriers are the following:

150, 300, 450, 600, 750, 900, 1050, 1200, 1350, 1500, 1650, 1800, 1950.

Resolution, protection beams:

14-20mm resolution for finger detection.

30-35 and 40mm resolution for hand detection.

50mm resolution for detecting the presence of the body in the area.



For forty years TSA has offered a wide range of products for safety and industrial automation.

Our philosophy is to establish a lasting relationship with our customers aiming for their maximum satisfaction. We offer high quality products that make their creations reliable and competitive. We follow our customers from the initial stages of the project, studying the best solutions together, up to the delivery of the turnkey system.