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Telescopic covers

The telescopic covers are protection elements composed of a mobile part made of steel, which closes on itself with a telescopic movement, and two connecting joints called flanges, which attach the component.
They have a protective function which can be set at variable lengths. They are applied to the stems, guides and on all the components of machines that perform an axial movement.
They are used to protect the internal elements of the machine from shavings, dust, liquid and environmental influences.
They can also act as a safety element by protecting mechanical parts which, if left uncovered, may be in danger of being cut, crushed or dragged.

All our telescopic covers are custom-made according to customer needs and are built with the most suitable materials and thicknesses to withstand its unique conditions.
It is possible to make telescopic covers that can be walked on and adopt special types of scrapers and gaskets that ensure a watertight seal between the elements.
If the application requires strong accelerations, internal pantograph connections can be added to the cover modules to ensure more uniform and safe movement.