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Lathe protections

Specification of retractable protections for lathe

The parallel lathe is one of the most common machines in modern mechanical workshops.

Due to its ease of use and great versatility, it can be considered one of the mainstays of mechanical production.

Retractable protections for lathes are rollers designed to protect the lead screws and feed bars, serving to reduce the machine’s hazards and prevent operators from getting caught in it.

They consist of a pair of retractable anti-cut and anti-oil tapes with spring return.

Our company offers various models of roller protections available for immediate delivery, which have the following features:”

  • Height 150, travel 1200
  • Height 200, travel 1500
  • Height 200, travel 2000
  • Height 250, travel 3000
  • Height 300, travel 4000
  • Height 350, travel 5000
  • Height 400, travel 6000
  • Height 450, travel 7000

It is also possible, if standard solutions are not sufficient, to develop custom retractable protections tailored to each type of machine.