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TSA si occupa della vendita di numerosi tipi di sensori: alcuni componenti bdc, sensori di giri, sensori di velocità, sensori di prossimità, sensori di vibrazione

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Sensori di giri o di velocità BDC Electronic

Proximity sensors are devices that can detect the presence of objects within the sensitive area or read the distance between the sensor itself and an object to be detected.

BDC ELECTRONIC has a wide range of proximity sensors and can provide a wide choice of physical formats and electronic functions.

If the standard products do not meet the customer’s needs, it is possible to make sensors in plastic or metal by developing custom casings.

It is also possible to implement various functions among which there may be preset reading thresholds, a timer timer to delay switching, an integrated temperature sensor, an accelerometer, non-polarization of the pins, it is also possible to create special wiring and connectors











Multi voltage linear output power supply in direct or alternating current

Switching frequency detection



self-learning of the threshold




• Implementation of special functions inside the sensor

• Custom developed shapes, dimensions and wiring

• Compliance with specific sector regulations




Sensori di giri o sensori di velocità


BDC ELECTRONIC is able to offer the widest range of inductive, capacitive and magnetic sensors. Our technical office also offers the possibility of developing custom sensors based on the specific needs of the customer.