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Barriere fotoelettriche di sicurezza: un fattore importante per la sicurezza del personale

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Impact protection systems are devices designed and certified to make work areas safe for handling vehicles, goods and people. The protection solutions preserve the integrity of the floor because the impact energy is absorbed by the material that flexes and distributes it over the entire length of the protection.

These are guards designed to safeguard the safety of operators, machinery, assets and company structures and to protect them from shocks that could irreparably damage them, compromising the safety of workplaces and machinery.

The main applications for shock absorbing protections are the confinement of protected areas, to allow the protection of pedestrians and workers and the protection of shelves, structures, vehicles and machinery.

The adoption of these systems leads to savings on the costs of maintenance, repair and replacement of machinery and structures.

By avoiding downtime and production downtime, you get the maximum return on the company’s investments in machinery and infrastructure.

Choosing impact protection solutions means investing in a safe and efficient work environment, ensuring that vehicles and their loads remain on the predetermined path so as not to invade protected areas.

The deformable protections therefore allow to avoid accidents and damage to people or things.


Together with the deformable protections, our robust anti-breakage fixing systems, the chemical anchor and all the accessories necessary for installation are supplied.

Our technopolymer, thanks to its particular molecular density, distributes the absorbed energy over the entire length of the protection which flexes and returns to its original shape. The technical specifications make it last over time, even outdoors, it is scratchproof and 100% recyclable, it is easy to wash and self-extinguishing and the particular yellow pigmentation guarantees very high visibility. It is also a non-toxic material that resists aggressive chemicals such as oils and fuels. FUNCTIONAL DESIGN

The particular shape of the impact guards offers a large flat impact surface capable of locking forks and pallets. The arched structure is extremely robust and guarantees maximum resistance to impacts of various capacities.




Thanks to the special shape and density of the material, the deformable protections are more compact and can be installed close to the elements to be protected, leaving more space for passageways

Our protective solutions are perfectly modular and adaptable, the length of the barriers can be extended or shortened in both directions even after installation, the system guarantees a high level of customization, directly on site.

The installation of the protective solutions is quick and intuitive. Thanks to the negligible number of elements that compose them, just a few steps are enough to build a protection system suitable for every need. Also, the fixings are included.

THE IDEAL PRODUCTS FOR THE SAFETY OF HIGHLY AUTOMATED MACHINERY AND SYSTEMS Modular and flexible solutions are the ideal allies for the protection of machinery and equipment. Thanks to the high visibility, the protective barriers are perfect for managing vehicular traffic and for conveying personnel along safe walkways. A highly resistant and easy-to-maintain system for tailored protection. Ideal for logistics, production and automotive storage.

Flexible barriers define traffic passages and physically protect pedestrians and drivers in the event of an accident by repelling and deflecting impact forces.

Ideal in areas where vehicles are in motion and there is a high risk of collision.

Bumpers for the shelving uprights have been designed to protect the legs of the shelves from the front, sides and from the sliding of vehicles on the road.

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