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Non trascurare le tue macchine utensili, proteggile attraverso coperture telescopiche, soffietti o coperture a rullo

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The protection of the guides, screws, and other delicate or dangerous parts of machine tools has become increasingly important in recent years to ensure the reliability and durability of these valuable devices.

The custom-made covers, which can be bellow covers, telescopic covers or roll-up (folding) roller covers, ensure that the guides and more delicate parts of the machine do not come into contact with shavings, dust, water or other foreign objects that could damage them.

Therefore, it is important to periodically check the status and function of these protections in order to ensure that they can best protect the most delicate mechanical parts.

If a machine tool is lacking its covers then, after a verification inspection, we have the possibility of developing a customized protective device that is best suited to the production needs and that improves system reliability.



Roller covers are roll-up protection elements, consisting of a roll-up roller made of plastic or metal, a return spring that allows it to rewind and flanges that fix it to the machine.

All our roll-up rollers are custom-made according to customer needs and are built in the most suitable material to withstand its unique functionality and conditions.



Soffietti e soffietti per macchine utensili udine

The bellows are protective elements composed of a mobile part made of plastic, internal lamellae, which fold back on itself (accordion effect), and two connecting joints called flanges, which attach the component.

It is possible to make bellows with protective metal lamellae or use fireproof or anti-cut materials.



coperture telescopiche

The telescopic covers are protection elements composed of a mobile part made of steel, which closes on itself with a telescopic movement, and two connecting joints called flanges, which attach the component.

It is possible to make telescopic covers that can be walked on and adopt special types of scrapers and gaskets that ensure a watertight seal between the elements.