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Non trascurare le tue macchine utensili, proteggile attraverso coperture telescopiche, soffietti o coperture a rullo

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The chip evacuating conveyors are machines used for handling and evacuating chips or for the transport of processing waste produced by machine tools during their operation.

They are widely used in mechanical workshops or carpentries where chip removal or sheet metal cutting and punching are performed.

The chip conveyors are designed, built and tested according to the customer’s needs with the aim of achieving maximum functionality and reliability, they are made to measure and, depending on the needs, they can also be built in several demountable sections.

According to the types of processing and materials processed, we can propose different solutions:

The DRAGING-type chip evacuators and conveyors are used to convey and collect short and broken chips produced by mechanical processing of cast iron, steel and copper alloys. The shavings destined to be treated with this type of machines must be difficult to aggregate with each other so that coils greater than 80 mm in diameter cannot be formed. These evacuators are not suitable for shavings with characteristics of easy aggregation, such as those deriving from the processing of aluminum alloys or deriving from machining on steels that develop long chips that tend to form coils.

Chip evacuators and conveyors with shutter belt for the collection and transport of chips deriving from mechanical machining of cast iron, steel, copper and aluminum alloys. This type of application is able to guarantee the transport and conveying of all types of metal shavings, except for those deriving from grinding or finishing operations (which has a high degree of dustiness).

It is possible to produce MAGNETIC evacuators and conveyors for ferrous materials, such as small sheet metal moldings, parts produced by machining centers or automatic lathes, presses, etc.

Auger conveyors are an alternative to dredging conveyors and represent an excellent solution for processes that produce very chopped chips or where dust is present. Another advantage of this system is the possibility of making it very small and in the case of small spaces it can be an excellent solution. The chip advancement is obtained by rotating a spiral screw system obtained from a plate inside a tapered cradle. In particular conditions it is possible to prepare If there is the presence of abrasive materials it is possible to build the various components with wear-resistant materials.


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