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Industrial automation in recent years has helped make production much faster and more efficient, allowing us to improve the quantity and quality of products.

However, the use of machinery also comes with risks that are linked to the safety of the operators and are not always easy to eliminate.

In this specific case we face the risk of crushing.

rullo11The ROLL UP COVERS can be used to increase the safety level of an automatic machine. They are dynamic protections so they are flexible and can be adapted to various types of machines and processes.

An excellent example of a company using our rollers to increase the safety of their machinery is Errebi Automazioni from Nervesa della Battaglia.


The client produces machines for paper goods and used our rollers to prevent anything from going underneath the height-adjustable loading platform, thus eliminating the risk of crushing anything and without affecting the load/unload time.

In areas where there are lifting platforms or mobile floors, the roll-up rollers prevent the operators from entering areas where there is a risk of crushing. The unfolding of the roller is controlled by the movement of the machine while the folding is controlled by the return spring of the roller itself.

Our roll-up (or folding) rollers are all custom built, so it is possible to design them with a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes. We can satisfy all customer needs with a tailor-made product.

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn about our wide range of products and to evaluate possible applications together with our team.