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High precision anemometers with a head that can be easily removed from the probe with the “Snap Head” system. Detection device with a vane probe and inductive sensor embedded in the probe body together with the D/A conversion electronics. Rotating vanes on a stainless-steel shaft supported by beryllium bearings covered in lubricant for maximum and shock-resistance and wear-resistance. Probes also calibrated for water (portable water-flow meter). Standard probe working temperature: from -30 ° C to +140 °C.

MiniAir Junior is the simplest portable vane anemometer in the wide range of instruments produced by the Swiss company Schiltknecht. Without having any additional functions, like those of the MiniAir 2 and MiniAir 20 series, the MiniAir Junior maintains high-level technical characteristics and several interesting supplementary functions, all easily programmable with the buttons on the front. In addition to measuring the instantaneous speed, it is also possible to measure the average speed by pre-setting due buttons: “Fast” (6 sec.) and “Slow (22 sec.).

With these settings the display shows the time in seconds and begins to count down; at the value of zero it indicates the average speed in the chosen time period. Furthermore, it is possible to display the minimum or maximum. When the instrument is switched on, a number appears indicating the identification code of the probe (the first two numbers) and of the scale (the third and fourth). The probes are interchangeable so that only one instrument can be connected to different probes which can be used for different needs, without having to do any recalibration. Non-explosive versions of the instruments and probes can be supplied on request.

The transmitters of Series 64 with the tested portable vane anemometer are manufactured by Schiltknecht. The pulses generated by the vanes are converted by the built-in electronics into mA signals proportional to the speed of the fluid under evaluation. It is inserted into a flow rectifier cylinder that reduces turbulence and allows measurement within the target range of error even with a 20% misalignment with respect to the direction of flow. In addition, the stainless-steel vane is mounted on a plastic cylinder, which is both shock-resistant and resistant to aggressive substances, and is supported by beryllium bearings which extremely durable and shock-resistant. The heads containing the vanes are made with the Snap Head system which allows for a quick and inexpensive replacement if they are damaged, without having to replace the more expensive electronic part.

Reduced head dimensions in the “Mini” series and especially in the “Micro” series make it possible to insert them into the pipe or conduit by making a small hole (about 16 mm in diameter for the Micro series). Schiltknecht guarantees high precision as it is also an accredited calibration center, certified by the Swiss Calibration Services (SCS), thanks to its own wind tunnel. The Schiltknecht transmitters are used for continuous control of various industrial processes, such as plant ventilation, painting, drying, climate chambers, suction and control of harmful emissions or for energy saving.