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Scopri le nostre cassette e i nostri sistemi pensili di sospensione

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Control cabinets and attachment systems for control panels | TSA

The hanging suspension systems allow you to create control panels and suspended workstations that have a functional, user-friendly design. Enclosure modules are available to hold operator panels or industrial PCs, which can have a touch screen or a separate keyboard. By assembling our various standard products, we are able to obtain endless combinations that allow us to adapt to our client’s every need. The passage of the cables inside the grooves (or channels created) and the corner joints (which can be inspected) allow for quick wiring and result in an elegant aesthetic. For each product, load diagrams are available that allow us to create the correct dimensions for the system, based on customer specifications, in order to obtain maximum stability and resistance.

TSA offers this innovative product line as an alternative to what currently exists in the market.

The main features of this product are the following:

– Multiple solutions to satisfy every type of application
– Functional and user-friendly system with attractive and modern design
– Efficient management of cables and their connectors
– The use of special joints does not require scheduled maintenance
– Quick and easy one-man installation
– Alignment of channels or grooves in relation to load variations with countless adjustment possibilities
– Limitation of the angle of rotation
– Wide cable entry, even for large connectors
– Very short delivery times compared to the average

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