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The SAFIX sensor has a transparent window on its side with 3 colored diodes. Using these diodes, the status of the sensor can be diagnosed. The diodes are also used for the programming of the specific encoding of the sensor in the I1 and W1 series. There are three series of SAFIX switches: S1 with fixed coding, I1 with irreversible programmable coding and W1 with reprogrammable coding. There is also a PL category 4 safety classification which still remains even in a series connection of 60 SAFIX sensors.


This handle produced by the German SSP can be defined as “intelligent” because, in addition to the three-way anti-panic control, it can also be supplied with many other functions that give information on the state of the handle such as: handle engaged (grasped), handle at rest, and channel preselected for multiple applications. It can also be equipped with control buttons or additional emergency buttons.

The anti-panic Zeus handle by SSP is a safety device that is used for temporary manual control of a robot or a machine. It is essential for maintenance; it detects malfunctions and machine programming in a hazardous area.
The control key will be in the ON position only if pressed lightly.
If released or pressed all the way down it will be in the OFF position; in fact, in emergency situations the panicked operator tends to press the button instead of releasing it. In this case, with a normal handle the operator would not stop the machine but instead would keep it moving.
The button for the handle operates on two separate switches that communicate with each other, thus ensuring that there are two independent output channels which is crucial for safety.

In addition to its primary function, Zeus can be commanded by emergency buttons, the additional command buttons mentioned above, and also with the following functions:

  • Sensor located on the handle to signal that it is engaged by the operator.
  • Sensor connected to the machine by connecting the sensor’s bracket to the fixed square bracket on the machine, which gives the signal for rest position.
  • Up to one hundred output channels to use a single handle and operate different machine points of the plant. A specific channel is activated directly on the handle via a switch that selects the preselected channel in a binary manner. Two LEDs located on the head display the preselected channel.