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Prime Controls


PRIME CONTROLS Inc. (USA) has been the leader in double metal sheet detection for over ten years and uses a practical system that allows for quick calibration.

The DS 150 and DS 152 models use two sensors located opposite each other that are connected to the terminal block of the separate control unit, which the metal sheet is slid through (see photo on the right).
The sensors produce a strong magnetic field which induces Foucault currents in the metal sheet (Eddy current).
As the sheet thickness increases, the leakage currents change, which is evaluated by the amplifier’s microprocessor.
The calibration is first done on the single sheet by pressing the “calibration” button on the front of the amplification control unit.
Immediately afterwards a double sheet is passed, and the calibration button is pressed again.
With these two simple operations, the amplifier learns the two detected values, which is also displayed by the LED indicators on the front of the control unit.
The double sheet alarm indicator is given by cutting off power supply to the control unit power relay.
The presence of the single sheet is displayed by an LED which, if it is off, indicates that the sheet is not on the sensors.
With the two sensors opposite each other it is possible to control the iron sheets with thicknesses up to 10 mm using sensors from the P1000 series.