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This series is an improvement to the amGard series which Amgard Pro will completely replace over time.

Improved resistance to external contaminants (IP67 protection).

Utilizes anti-trapping functions.

Mechanics are even more reinforced.


Modular system with the possibility to interconnect different elements to the same body. Fortress-4 safety switches.

Extremely robust metal body and actuator, which tolerates considerable misalignment.


This series retains the setting of the eGard series but is very robust, since the body is completely made of metal.


MGard is a range of particularly robust modular safety interlocks for hazardous industrial environments.

These interlock devices consist of one or more coded keys which interrupt the power from a dangerous machine or piece of equipment during service and maintenance operations. This device ensures that the machine operates in a safe manner, preventing it from starting or receiving power until the operator is outside the dangerous area.


Electrical switches with or without electromagnetic interlock

– with electromagnet:

AmGard 4
AmLok 4
Autolok 4

– without electromagnet:

AmStop 4
AutoStop 4

AmGard is the innovative range of interlock safety switches for doors, gates and other points of access in hazardous industrial environments. Its modularity and easy configuration make amGard an extremely practical electromechanical solution for any safeguarding application.

The amGard range provides a complete solution for gate  protection, including safety switches with or without solenoid. With its unique design, amGard offers locking systems using fully integrated safety switches that are robust and reliable in hazardous operating conditions.

The amGard system allows for complete configuration for safety gate systems, making any supplementary add-ons unnecessary, especially since it already has several options available including actuators, internal release mechanisms, safety key locks and electric locks. All these functions can be easily integrated thanks to the completeness and modularity of the range.