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DINA offers three configurable security systems:
DNDS Modular

SAFELINE controls the various elements of the safety circuit (start and stop buttons, safety switches, encoders and resolvers, buttons for barriers, carpets, safety edges and bumpers, two-hand controls, etc.) through its inputs, while it controls the logic of the machine or of the entire system through its outputs.

The system is modular and allows you to combine various input and output expansion modules, fieldbus connection (PROFIBUS – ETHER CAT – CAN Open) modules, speed control modules and others to the various central modules. Each central module is supplied with the SW for PC programming, which is very simple and intuitive with virtual connection logic of complete blocks. The various Safeline modules are inserted in a metal rack by using connectors on the circuit that are inserted in the correct bus located inside the rack.

SLVARIO is similar to the Safeline system but does not require the metal rack since the various DIN modules are connected directly to each other. The programming SW is located in the central module and is seen as a logical disk unit by the PC, by using the COM or USB interfaces. (The USB interface can even be used when the system is turned off.)

DNDS Modular has only MOTION input or output modules, i.e. speed control or shaft stand still. It is used when there is no need to control the safety circuits and it is only necessary to control the speed of 1 or more motors, especially on machines that have considerable inertia. The inputs can be proximity switches, encoders or resolvers. The various modules are stored in a metal rack. Programming is done with Dip-Switch which is located in the rack.

All DINA safety systems are BG certified with the highest degree of safety: category 4, SIL cl.3 EN62061, with high MTTd.